We are two Italian expats living in Bruxelles .

We have many years of experience in different fields of work and decided to start a project that we have long dreamt about!

Our idea is to find a culinary meeting point between our country of origin, Italy, and the country we now live in, Belgium.

We not only make traditional homemade Italian pasta but we also fuse Italian flavours with Belgium cuisine and we can produce an innovative combination with our culinary experience.

We are primarily positioning ourselves towards professionals in the Horeca sector but want to underline that our aim isn’t just to sell food, more importantly to give advice and instructions on what would complement the pasta in order to fully appreciate our product.

This is where we aim to be different and unique. All to often food produced on a more industrial scale and widely available to the Belgium market can be bland and of low quality compared to a high quality, homemade product like ours.

Our production can be adapted to every demand; this means we can make many different types of fresh pasta according to our customers individual tastes and needs.

Whatever your request we will always strive to make sure you are happy with our product.

We can also sell our pasta to private individuals. Please contact us to discuss in more detail our terms and conditions of selling.