We are two Italian expats in Brussels, like there are many.  We have our professionalism developed over many years of working in sectors very different from food, but we have finally decided to dedicate ourselves to a project that we have been cultivating for some time.

Our idea is to seek a culinary meeting point between our country of origin, Italy, and the country that has hosted us for many years, Belgium.

We have therefore developed the Italian food “par excellence”, the pasta, in its most classic declination and in recipes that combine it with the most classic aspects of Belgian gastronomy.

Our professionalism comes from other fields, but we got involved in a different and relatively new sector for us because of our passion for good food and because we are sure we can make an innovative contribution with our culinary experiments!

We mainly turn to professionals in the Horeca sector, but we would like to emphasize that our aim is not only to sell a product and that’s it, as it usually happens with industrial products, but to provide together with the product the know-how to use it and to make the most of it.

On the other hand, this is the difference between industrial products normally available on the Belgian market, which tend to be anonymous and of medium-low quality, and an artisan product like ours, “alive” and qualitatively unbeatable.

Naturally our products, with an artisanal matrix, are flexible and adaptable to all needs. This in practice means that we can produce all types of pasta, filled or not, according to the tastes, suggestions and needs of customers, even in extremely modest quantities.

Tell us your requests and we will always find a way to satisfy you!

Obviously, however, we also gladly sell our products to individuals, contact us to find out the conditions of sale. You can subscribe to our newsletter and you will receive weekly our production scheduled.

Horeca’s sector

RAVIOLART caters primarily to restaurants, catering and more generally for professionals in the Horeca’s sector, like shops or traiteurs to which we provide a product of exceptional quality, with variations on both classic and modern themes, coupled with an elegant fusion between the traditional Italian and Belgian local products, but also based on a wider set of specific know-how in order to highlight the product’s quality.

RAVIOLART pays great attention to the specific needs of each professional. In particular, the attention to detail is reflected in the preparation, whether simple or stuffed, and we can also produce small quantities in accordance with the directions, tastes and needs of our customers.

Private Individuals

RAVIOLART can also sell pasta to private individuals who would like to taste the traditional Italian pasta fused with the Belgium cuisine.

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