Pasta italiana d'autore!

Do you live in Belgium and like to eat fresh home made pasta like you would in Italy?

Would you like to eat mouthwatering ravioli like my italian grandmother used to cook but with a modern twist of new and contemporary flavours?

Did you know that in Belgium there are delicious local products that blend perfectly with Italian pasta?

Would you like to try this unique bond between Italian and Belgian food traditions?

If your answer is yes RAVIOLART is what you need!

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Our products

We are really passionate about our products: our key strengths are the quality and the consistency of our pasta. We only use the best ingredients, sourced both from Italy and Belgium. It’s hard work preparing the fillings with those ingredients, but when you taste the difference in flavour you know it’s worth it!

In order to provide you with the freshest pasta, we don’t hold any stock – we produce our pasta once we have received your order!

Our fresh pasta has 5 days shelf life.

Alternatively, you can also freeze our fresh pasta, in order to manage your left-overs with no loss on taste and quality!

As company policy we have a commitment for sustainable fishery. That is why we only use MSC certified sustainable seafood.

How to order

RAVIOLART caters primarily to restaurants, catering and more generally for professionals in the Horeca sector, to which we provide a product of exceptional quality, with variations on both classic and modern themes, coupled with an elegant fusion between the traditional Italian and Belgian local products, but also based on a wider set of specific know-how in order to highlight the product’s quality.


RAVIOLART pays great attention to the specific needs of each professional. In particular, the attention to detail is reflected in the preparation, whether simple or stuffed, and we can also produce small quantities in accordance with the directions, tastes and needs or our customers.

RAVIOLART can also sell pasta to private individuals who would like to taste the traditional Italian pasta fused with the Belgium cuisine.

We can provide many different types of fresh pasta according to our customers individual tastes and needs.

We are open to experiment new ideas: please contact us to discuss in more detail our terms and conditions of selling,